I think many Trump supporters are having buyers remorse

Something I wanted to share with you, Amber, because I humbly re-submit to you, that the above statement and many of the other things you have been saying the past few weeks, reflect a pretty comprehensive misreading on your part, of what has just happened.

Since our last (friendly enough, and thanks for that) exchange earlier today, I was thinking back to dinosaur times when I took a PoliSci class. It was just community college, and a long time ago (c. 1989–90-ish) but I learned a lot of basics. One term we took on was “coat-tailing”. You’re a pretty sharp political analyst yourself, and I say that utterly without tongue in cheek, because our disagreements are more of a philosophical rather than a factual nature. You do have a way of dealing with reality, as you see it, and it’s okay by me if I see it differently. So I don’t need to explain coat-tailing to you.

But where I do part ways with you, is that you continue to write as if this election’s outcome, is about Donald Trump. You hardly comment at all, on the Niagara-sized, nationwide downfall of the Democrats in federal and State contests, and I wonder what you think it means. Was this a big GOP power grab, engineered by a clever and sinister Trump meta-coup, and literally hundreds of Republicans somehow benefited from it nationwide? Or, did Donald Trump win quite by happenstance (and yes, just barely), in a year when the GOP was set to have a pretty good night regardless, for historic reasons far preceding even his emergence as a candidate? Or what?

Here’s what I wanted you to read and remark on, and I’ll ask you a few favors: that you accept that my recommending it, is not endorsing it or everything the author says; that I may well know and if I do, accept, what you probably think of the National Review, the Buckley legacy in conservatism, etc; and again, ask that you bear in mind that there are a lot of kinds of conservative, and that I am my own kind and not a clone of Buckley, or Limbaugh, or Reagan, or Goldwater, or anyone else.

Give it a go, and let’s talk some more:

You already forfeited your liberties by allowing a regime to spy on your finances & pick your pockets. What are you prepared to let a one-party state do to you?

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