Without a specific example of what you’re talking about, I can’t respond.

I wanted to believe you knew exactly what I was talking about, but you apparently have swept so many wrongdoings under the rug with your talk of rounding errors and car dealers (I never bought a new car in my life, wouldn’t know the first thing about it, other than I’m not sure how anyone can be stupid enough to buy one at ANY price) that you just forgot all about how you summed up several years’ research of mine into a mass fraud scheme I happen to take very personally, as a rounding error.

I had been thinking that I owed you an apology, for the tone I have taken today. But I don’t. Not for that anyway. I owe you and me both one, for not coming straight back at you weeks ago to let you know just how vulgar and contemptuous I found your glibness toward the thousands of children and fathers who have been torn apart by your so-called rounding error. The reason I didn’t confront you then, was what I wanted to do was tell you where you could shove your rounding error.

But instead, I’ll just ask you to invest some of your arithmetical acumen into some suggested reading. You say your numbers help you understand human lives. Okay, then remember that, while you take note of what it is these organizations funded by the DOJ do all day, and that protecting women from violence has zilch to do with it. And if you still want to pull out your economies-of-scale card and tell me these numbers don’t add up to anything more than a god-damn rounding error, don’t bother. Just block my profile and forget all about me.

And yes, I want you to read every one of these, all the way through, as I have done. For years now. What they add up to for me, is a crime against humanity. If they don’t for you, I have to wonder how much of that you actually have.

Humanity, that is.

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The shameful passivity of any citizenry which permits its own livelihoods to be monitored, regulated and extorted by a regime is a mockery of liberty itself

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