Women are voting for Hillary, primarily because they don’t want a president who thinks sexual assault is okay.

I really wish I had a more respectful response to this, Amber, but I have to laugh, mostly because that is what every woman I have spoken to about this “Trump tapes” business has done as an indication of what significance it has for her. And your red-shoed wish that women will Vote For Hillary Because Woman, is just plain misinformed. I have been having dialogue with dozens and dozens of women both online and in person for months now, who consistently see right through her fake feminism and the awful, horrific injustices against women she has been party to. And most of these, I have learned about first, from women.

She is only fooling, apparently, your Birkenstock-wearing campus feminists who don’t know any better than to take her entirely fraudulent record on women at face value, and are too deluded or lazy to find out. Grown-up women, all my contact indicates, more than know better.

You already forfeited your liberties by allowing a regime to spy on your finances & pick your pockets. What are you prepared to let a one-party state do to you?

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