I like to remind my genuinely conservative friends that conservatism is magnificent as a way of life and code of personal conduct, but laughably inept and almost completely inapplicable as a template for public policy. I am only encouraged by conservatives' occasional and mostly hollow political victories because they mean that liberals, who also actually possess some capacity for personal decency even despite their idiotic and unrealistic grandstanding over how to cure the human condition with taxes and bureaucracy, are once again restrained from the most dangerous political mandate of all: absolute power.

Give liberals absolute power, and you get Stalinism. It is as inevitable as the sunrise. But give any faction branding itself as 'conservative' the same carte blanche, and you get fascism. Not a complicated formula: absolute power can, does and will corrupt absolutely.

Keep them both at each others' throats, and neither able to pursue their idle temptations of extremism past the next hostile press conference, and there is some chance that ordinary people can get on with their lives without the ravages of one form of party-state despotism making their lives a living hell, or the other. They are nearly identical in practice, anyway, as the history of the 1920s-30s clearly shows.

You already forfeited your liberties by allowing a regime to spy on your finances & pick your pockets. What are you prepared to let a one-party state do to you?

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