My point is there is a pattern among those who attempt to battle what they perceive as feminism with half truths, misinformation and propaganda- as well as certain formulas and scripts designed to hijack and socially engineer human emotion, behavior and response.

And this, indeed, is a good point. I’ll try and address it with the respect it deserves.

Firstly, if you dig deeper and look around various venues for things I have written, the topics I tend to address and how I write about them, you can rest assured that I am not under anyone’s influence in terms of socially-engineered emotion, nor do I seek such influence for myself.

You will also find, that my reputation to the extent I have one among MRA people is, that asshole who keeps calling them a cult, oftimes using much the same critique as you offer above: half truths, misinformation and propaganda.

Yes, I have (some of my many) contacts among various men’s-rights groups, and yes, many of my ideas align with theirs in some ways. But no, I have not been indoctrinated by them nor am I parroting their narratives for its own sake.

Most, nearly all, of my critiques or departures from feminist doctrine were fully-formed long before I ever even heard there was such a thing as any men’s movement. When I finally discovered there was a few years back, my responses to it have largely been a degree of disappointment you can’t even imagine for not being a man. Yes, it attacks feminist thinking in ways I can (sometimes) align with, but no, it doesn’t go about it in what I consider a very manly way for the most part, nor by and large represent manhood itself in ways I want associated with my good name.

My views about feminism, furthermore, are not only fully my own, but built on a foundation of having spent decades considering myself its ally as a man, having read everything in support of it I could get my hands on, being in long-term relationships with feminist women, doing extensive business with and alongside feminists both male and female.

I wonder if you ever met a man who both read “Our Bodies, Ourselves”, “The Feminine Mystique” and “Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape” (to name a very few) cover-to-cover and sympathetically, as well as a guy who almost got fired in 1992 for ditching work to go hear one Hillary Clinton speak?

Those aren’t credentials in themselves, and they prove nothing if you don’t think they do. But I can assure you in entire confidence, that I am autonomously and diligently informed on both what feminism purports to be, in its endless reworkings, waves and factions, and on what it turns out to be as an atmospheric social doctrine observed over decades of (can I culturally appropriate the term?) “lived experiences.”

I’m not writing this to debate any one point with you, only to assure you, that your warnings fall not on deaf ears, but ears wide open to things you have not given me the credit of having decided on for myself. Nor does my learning process involve any “rabbit hole”, more than my trying for many years now, to emerge from the one I fell into years ago, of being a man who thought he could be supportive of feminism and still find ways to live a life I deem worthy of this man.

Nor has any part of my efforts to re-discover manhood through male eyes and not as re-defined on demand by women and emasculated men, been inspired, taught or even assisted by any men’s movement. The MRM was nowhere around when I fought the legal, personal and social battles I have fought, to be my own man and live on my own terms. I did that, because I decided to, and because I decided first, to no longer have my maleness defined for me by others, of any movement.

So whatever it is you think I think, you may be right or you may be wrong point by point. But by no means assume that I think it, whatever it is, because anyone has engineered me into thinking it. That ended, once and for all, when I finally parted ways with feminism and all the attendant social-justice rote doctrines it makes it alliances with.

You already forfeited your liberties by allowing a regime to spy on your finances & pick your pockets. What are you prepared to let a one-party state do to you?

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