A note to Mister:

Hoorah on the lithium battery, they’re galaxies better than the nicads, but boo on the brand. Black and Decker? Seriously?

And hooray for that wife of yours, who will pitch in and help a guy. Count your blessings, take the full measure of what a rare and fortunate condition this is for a husband, and take good care of that girl, who has the character to send books to strangers for the pure joy of it…

And to the author:

Thanks ever-so for the book. I love that it is a former library book and not a brand-new one, for several reasons:

Somebody saved it from the well-used book-banning technique used by libraries, of simply removing and not replacing them with no one the wiser, literally. A volume on the evils of the Soviet regime is certain to be on somebody’s burn list, but this one was spared from the Fahrenheit 451 treatment, which is a blessing to all civilization and a gift to future generations.

And, I love it that you didn’t pay a godawful fortune to buy me a new book. That would have gone past the parameters of a kindly gesture and left me feeling a tad obligated (which I do anyway but at the right level, so we’re good.)

AND, it comes from one of those magnificent outposts of the realm that is proper civilization, the LOCAL bookstore. God help us all when there are none of those shining beacons of non-academic neighborhood intelligence left, and God curse Jeff Bezos for trying to stamp them out and get everyone addicted to buying books off a CIA drone hovering in their yard…

You already forfeited your liberties by allowing a regime to spy on your finances & pick your pockets. What are you prepared to let a one-party state do to you?

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